The RadioPlay Band is a group of formally trained musicians experienced in performing live for all types of audiences large and small. From weddings, grand openings, fundraisers, anniversaries, Christmas and Halloween parties to informal back yard celebrations and more, through their extensive song list and repertoire RadioPlay entertains audiences of different backgrounds and specific musical tastes easily and effortlessly.

The RadioPlay Band earns their namesake by performing the most popular and favourite songs that had success on commercial radio stations both in the past and present.  Whether you are looking for a mix of hits or a tribute a generation or era, such as disco or the 80’s, RadioPlay will deliver both in sound and sight as they will not only bring a professional sound and lighting system but also a crew of trained professionals to operate them.

RadioPlay Band performance becomes a celebration of music as audiences get caught up and involved in the band’s genuine enthusiasm, passion and warm sense of humour that will make guests enjoy their night out and want to come back for more.


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